Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Now He's sitting on a bench in Central Park with the guy who has no legs..."

Last Night we decided to go to Fall Flicks in Central Park here in Laguna Niguel. They showed Curious George. It's Free and it was so much fun! It's right around the corner from us so it didn't take long to get there. We made Hot chocolate and took cookies and blankets. We put on our jammies and went and sat on the grass in the amphitheater and enjoyed a fun family activity. I think everyone had a really fun time. I have very fond memories of going to the drive-in when I was little and I figure this is the closest thing we have to that these days. It makes me feel like a good mom when I take my family out to do fun things and hopefully create good memories for them. Maybe it'll cancel out all those memories they have of me going nuts.
...maybe not.

My cute family watching Curious George

This is Bryce when he watches pretty much any movie. He covers his ears when he gets scared. Why he doesn't cover his eyes? I don't know. Oh and just so you know this is the part of the movie when George is painting the opera lady's apartment. Scary, I know.

Oh! Nerd Love!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh! Back to school...

We forgot to charge our real camera so I took some first day of school pictures on my phone

Tonight was back to school night at Bryce's Pre-school although technically for us it was more like go to school for the first time night. Bryce's first day of school was on Monday because we got wait listed and he started 3 weeks late. Then we all got the flu so he missed Tuesday and Wednesday. Even though he's only gone 2 days from what I hear from both him and his teacher, He is doing extremely well and is already making friends. Half of them don't speak english yet...but maybe by the end of the year they will be able to communicate with each other! I was one of 2 parents that spoke english. The rest speak spanish so the poor teacher had to translate everything she was saying! All the parents seem eager to help out and it looks like it's going to be a fun year.

After school I let Bryce play a video game to unwind. It's uncanny the resemblance he bears to another gamer I know... ( cough*cough* Eric * cough*)

Kensie Really missed her brother while he was at school. She wanted to play with him too. (She was just sitting next to him holding a controller!)

I just think Charlie is so cute peeking around that chair!
P.S.: To the Cat outside who sounds like a crying child, Please stop.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who is LOVING this new template?

ME!! I think the colors are so refreshing and fun! I'm not a huge fan of the purple but the cute argyle print makes up for it. I Love all the fun gadgets you can add on the sides. All of your photos can have a link to a website of your choice, and I really like these cute lds link buttons. The best part? This awesome blog list that categorizes all of my blogs by most recently updated!! Such a time saver for those of us who may have a slight aversion to constantly checking blogs! I LOVE LeeLou Blog templates! And they're FREE! Check them out:

Leelou Blogs

Sunday, September 21, 2008

57 years later...

ok Jessie I am finally getting to do this post. You have no idea how excruciatingly painful it has been to get all the photos and organize them in to a post on dial up speeds but it was actually really fun and quite surprising at times at what showed up in response to my answers to the questions! So here's the Photo tag: You have to take all these facts about yourself and type them into google image search and then pick your favorite pic from the first page of results only. Pretty fun.

Favorite Food:

First Job:


Where was I born:

Favorite Color:

Bad Habit:

Favorite Place:

Favorite Animal:

Past Love:

What am I doing right now:

Where I live:

Favorite Object:

Grandmother's name:

How old am I:

That's me in a nutshell?... Anyway, BECCA, CORTNEY, CHRISTI, LISA AND SEAN! I Choose You! And You better do it! (Cortney...) I don't hand out my tags like pretzels...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


After going to the temple, everyday life just seems so UN-blogworthy. But life goes on and our family has had some more big accomplishments and fun things happening that before all of this would have amounted to their own posts but alas, here we are with a month of no posts at all. So they all get their glory in one giant post I like to call "Blog Spectacular". Here it is:

Bryce can Swim!!! No pics yet but we have been going to the pool in our complex everyday just about and he will totally go under water and he swims with the aid of his tube. Anyone who knows Bryce will realize what a big accomplishment this is since only a few months ago he wouldn't even lay down in the bath tub! Way to go Bryce!

We got a BED!!! We have been sleeping on a raised aero bed since we moved in February
and we finally got a queen size bed that is oh so heavenly after having me, Eric, Charlie and Kensie sleeping on the air mattress. Eric can sit down on the bed without me flying off the other side. It's probably the most exciting thing ever!

Our Aunt Becca came to visit again and she stayed at our house. The kids LOVED it and this morning Bryce came into my room crying because aunt Becca had left and he missed her! While she was here we drove to Fresno to have a surprise 50th birthday party for our parents who were both turning 50 this summer. It was so much fun and we actually pulled off the surprise! Our whole family was together for about 2 days and I think everyone had a really good time! Then we came back home and hung out for another day with Becca. We went to shipwreck park, powell's sweet shop, and Cherry on Top yogurt shop. It's always fun to have becca around.

I am learning to cut hair to help cut costs of running a family that grows hair and requires maintenance. My mom gave me a set of hair clippers and attatchments and stuff. It even came with a cape and a training dvd. It showed you how to do all the latest hair styles with your new clippers. "The Flat top" and "the mushroom bowl cut" to name a few! hahaha it was copyrighted in 1990 so I guess those were the "latest"! anyway I practiced on Bryce's hair because I figured if I messed his hair up it wouldn't matter that much. It turned out as well as any other hair cut he's ever had so I was pleased. Then I moved on to Eric's hair and I was seriously almost finished when I decided to do a technique they showed on the training dvd that you comb the hair up and then use the clippers to trim it down. I kind of goofed in the home stretch and poor eric ended up with a little botched up spot right on the very front of his hair! I ended up having to shave it so you wouldn't see the "hole". Eric has never had his head shaved in his whole life and I totally started crying I felt so bad! He says he doesn't mind it but I feel really bad! Sorry Babe! Better luck next time I guess! hahaha

The blogger website isn't loading my pictures for some reason but you can view our summer in pictorial form on my facebook photo albums. Happy viewing!