Saturday, August 9, 2008

What you've all been waiting for...

Best day EVER!!! Our little Family was sealed together in the San Diego Temple on Our 5th anniversary August 2nd. It was such a special day and we thought it was so much fun that we could be sealed on our anniversary! It was absolute perfection of a day. The weather was gorgeous, everyone looked great in their cute new clothes, and we were surrounded by family who loved us. A side note to everyone who was there: Thank You so much for coming to share this moment with us. It was important to us and it was so incredible to look around and see those that we love there to support us.

Our sealing was at 11:00 am and afterwards we went outside where my amazingly talented sister in law Jessie was gracious enough to get a few shots of our family so we could remember this awesome day. LOVE her! After that we went to CPK for lunch. It was right across the street and had an incredible view of the temple. It was great to spend time with family who couldn't stay for very long. After lunch we proceeded to get lost driving home because there wasn't a north bound freeway entrance. We thought we could just drive up the street and catch the next one but somehow we ended up on the college campus! We eventually figured it out and got home safely! Good thing we got lost on the way home and not on the way there! I am so blessed to be able to have had this opportunity to have my family sealed to me FOREVER and to be able to be with my super cute awesome husband for eternity! I've been waiting for this day for 5 years and it finally came. I am so full of joy I could burst and I am just so happy that I had wonderful people who could share in this moment.