Thursday, December 1, 2011

Before and After

"I can stand next to Santa this year because I'm really brave. That's Why."- Charlie

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


All of these pictures I took at our Trunk or Treat. Last night It was too much work to get pictures of everyone again. It sounds stupid to say that now but trust me, last night was rough. Anyway, Hudson was an elephant at Trunk or Treat and on Halloween he was Bumble bee Mario from Mario Galaxy. Maybe I'll dress them up again today to get pictures...

Kensie decided she wanted to be something scary this year so she settled on a corpse bride. She said she wanted people to scream when they saw her.
I don't know about you but this is one of the scariest things I've ever seen...
Luigi and Mario...and Aang!
Charlie did not appreciate being kept up past his bed time...

Bryce wanted to be Aang in avatar state so we painted his arrows (which he took off) and his eyes white. He said, "Mom, I'm not scary. I'm just really powerful!"

This is my Princess peach costume that I made. It took several on phone support calls from my amazing Nanny. I'm sure she was sick of all my silly sewing questions by the time I was done but I'd say the end result was worth it!
Eric and I also went to and adults only costume party and won best couple costumes with our Mario and Peach. I also won Best Female costume! Someone else took some photos at the party so I'll get those up later. Are you as excited as I am that this Halloween post was done before next April??

Saturday, September 10, 2011

National Me Day

As I am sure you're well aware, It's my birthday. Well, actually it's tomorrow but I figured with all of that majorly depressing 10 year anniversary business and it being stake conference Sunday and all, I would just party it up on Saturday instead. We started the day out right with a spread of delicious donuts and an array of breakfast meats complimented by a bowl of fruit that mysteriously went untouched. I didn't take any photos because, well, as heavenly as a bacon topped maple bar is, it just wasn't a pretty site. I gorged and nobody really needs to see that! Then my family headed for the hippest place in town, the Bowling Alley! We had an awesome time although one game was enough for us. We all got schooled by a five year old and pigged out on curly fries and nachos. CURSE YOU BOWLING ALLEY CURLY FRIES!!! They were so good and yet, so bad... Then we played some arcade games. Eric won me a giant angry bird and we called it a day. Oddly enough, Bryce and I are the only ones not napping right now. Later tonight we'll eat something equally bad for us for dinner and top it all off with my yummy strawberry lemonade birthday cake. I'm determined to gain at least 10 pounds today. On a related note, is it wrong to be so excited that I am getting a single hubcap as a birthday present? Because if it is then I don't want to be right! My husband is so romantic... Here are some photos to appease the masses. In no particular order since I can't seem to figure out how to do that :)

A random giant bear in the bowling alley lobby
This is as exciting as it gets around here people!

That's how he rolls...

Eric going for another one of his famous GUTTER BALLS!

Charlie and Hud were more interested in scarfing fries.
So was I but don't tell anyone!

Kensie took this one.
Am I the only one that feels awkward posting photos of myself??

Bryce was actually really good!

Showing off my sweet kicks and polka dot socks!

Bryce showing of His sweet kicks too.
P.s.- I told him to make a "cool" face!

This is my strawberry lemonade birthday cake I made last night.
I picked up each of those jimmies with tweezers and placed them one by one.
So tell me you love it or I'll hurt you.

This is the present I gave to myself.
Eric never lets me use the color printer so this is a big treat!
I was sick of looking at those ugly white laminate cabinets.
We can't paint so I figured I would cover them up with witty photos and quotes!
This is my fav by far! I've been laughing since I put it up.
It's small enough that from far away it just looks like the Mona Lisa.
Then you're like, "What's wrong with her face??" So, you go in for a closer look.
Then you're like, "Goo, It's Voldemort!"

This girl beat us. To. a. pulp.
Her final score was A hundred and five! The next closest was Bryce with Eighty Four or something.
Shameful, really.

Well, I think I am officially "old". It feels weird to say that I'm closer to 30 than 20. Oh well, I think I'll go eat some more bacon...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to the Berg

We took a mini vacay to Fresno over the summer so the kids could say they did something other than swim and sit at home during their summer break. They LOVED it! We went to King's Canyon to see the giant sequoias. We went to Morro Bay to visit with Nanny and Papa (Which I totally spaced and didn't get any pics with them! Lame!) We went to the Farmer's market. We played lots with Aunt Whitney, Uncle Matt and Uncle Kyle. Fun Swimming and water play and there was LOTS of playing with puppy Bentley! Hudson and Charlie are still found calling themselves Bentley and lagging out their tongues like puppies! Also there was randomly a giant gummi snake?...So here are the pics in random order!

This is us in front of General Grant

Sandy Sausage Toes!

The kids with my parents in that cabin thing in King's Canyon? Someone help me out!

Morro Beach with G-ma

Disregard the rusty busted swing and look at that chubby baby!

Swinging in front of Morro Rock!

Chillin' with Grandma by the pool!

Can you spot the crab??

Doesn't Uncle Kyle look like he's having SO much fun??

Monkey see, Monkey do...

Bathing Beauty?
In Fresno, the Gummi worms are so big they can feed a family of five!!

The babies are snuggling!
If those aren't enough photos for you guys then I don't know WHAT will please you! Wow, that took FOREVER! Now I remember why I never post on this thing!

School is for

Bryce started 2nd grade and Kens started Kindergarten. Both were beyond excited. Me, not so much but they can't stay at home with me forever, right?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holla! ween.

This is all of the kids together at our ward Trunk or Treat. Bryce was a Sheriff Ghost, Kens was the witch from Hansel and Gretyl, Charlie was a train conductor and Hud was the puppy that both Bryce and Charlie wore when they were his size.

This is the kids on Halloween night. We decided it would be better if Hudson stayed home where it was warm. It was freezing! Like 63 degrees or something cRazY like that! Eric bit the bullet to stay home with him. That poor baby stayed home and played video games while we all went out into the night to beg for candy from strangers! Kensie didn't want to wear her green hair again so we went all natural.

The candy is long gone by now. The kids may have even gotten like 5 pieces from their own buckets. I figure this is my payment since I have to get them all dressed and drag them around for an hour.