Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to the Berg

We took a mini vacay to Fresno over the summer so the kids could say they did something other than swim and sit at home during their summer break. They LOVED it! We went to King's Canyon to see the giant sequoias. We went to Morro Bay to visit with Nanny and Papa (Which I totally spaced and didn't get any pics with them! Lame!) We went to the Farmer's market. We played lots with Aunt Whitney, Uncle Matt and Uncle Kyle. Fun Swimming and water play and there was LOTS of playing with puppy Bentley! Hudson and Charlie are still found calling themselves Bentley and lagging out their tongues like puppies! Also there was randomly a giant gummi snake?...So here are the pics in random order!

This is us in front of General Grant

Sandy Sausage Toes!

The kids with my parents in that cabin thing in King's Canyon? Someone help me out!

Morro Beach with G-ma

Disregard the rusty busted swing and look at that chubby baby!

Swinging in front of Morro Rock!

Chillin' with Grandma by the pool!

Can you spot the crab??

Doesn't Uncle Kyle look like he's having SO much fun??

Monkey see, Monkey do...

Bathing Beauty?
In Fresno, the Gummi worms are so big they can feed a family of five!!

The babies are snuggling!
If those aren't enough photos for you guys then I don't know WHAT will please you! Wow, that took FOREVER! Now I remember why I never post on this thing!

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Terra said...

So worth it. I love any pictures that include cute chubby babies!