Saturday, June 20, 2009

"My eyes aren't Blue! They're Pink!"

That is what Kensie tells me whenever I say something like, "That Blue dress is so pretty. It matches your Blue eyes!"
These are some shots from just before heading out to a royal birthday celebration for another of her princess friends. She was so surprised that I let her wear makeup because normally I find her covered head to toe in liquid eyeliner and she's getting in trouble! She felt very special!

I asked her why she was doing all of those silly poses and she said it was because that's how the princesses at Disneyland do it!

It's a good thing she's the only girl!

let me see your privates!

What the HACK is up everybody??? Why do people "go private" on their blogs?? It's so annoying. I've lost half of my reading material due to this new fad. I know, I know. I can send my e-mail and be "granted access" to see the goods but most of them are a friend of a friend that I'm not entirely comfortable letting them know that I'm a creeper. Oh well, I guess I could find a real hobby or something.

Monday, June 15, 2009

All washed up

Doesn't she look like a little washed up mermaid? I thought it was cute. I also have a ton of pics from Kensie's first big girl princess party on Saturday with her friends. I'll figure out how to post those later.