Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holla! ween.

This is all of the kids together at our ward Trunk or Treat. Bryce was a Sheriff Ghost, Kens was the witch from Hansel and Gretyl, Charlie was a train conductor and Hud was the puppy that both Bryce and Charlie wore when they were his size.

This is the kids on Halloween night. We decided it would be better if Hudson stayed home where it was warm. It was freezing! Like 63 degrees or something cRazY like that! Eric bit the bullet to stay home with him. That poor baby stayed home and played video games while we all went out into the night to beg for candy from strangers! Kensie didn't want to wear her green hair again so we went all natural.

The candy is long gone by now. The kids may have even gotten like 5 pieces from their own buckets. I figure this is my payment since I have to get them all dressed and drag them around for an hour.

First ever Field Trip!

Bryce recently went on his very first field trip to Newport Back Bay which is a natural estuary, where the salt water meets the fresh water. There are supposed to be over 200 different species of birds among lots of other animals. When he got back I asked him what his favorite part of the day was and he said it was his first time ever riding on a bus! I asked him what else he liked and he said, "That's it!"

The other kids wanted a picture taken in front of the bus.

Saying goodbye. I think the little kids were more excited to see Bryce off than he was to go on the field trip.

I have to say that it was more nerve racking than I ever thought possible to send him off. I didn't sleep the whole night before and I had a mini panic attack just before they drove away. I had a really hard time just putting him on a bus with a driver I don't know, hoping that he wouldn't wander off and get lost and come back in tact at the end of the day. I totally cried after I got in the car and watched the bus drive away. Who does that?? It's official. I live in Crazytown!