Monday, March 23, 2009

Is it sad?

That I dream about someone giving me a brand new Honda Odyssey almost every night?
I guess it's official...My dream car is a mini van...I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Eric said I have to tell people so....We're having another baby in September.
There you go. You happy now? Let's all cross our fingers that it's a boy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh...You know...

Yeah so I haven't posted for a few..months. So what? I've been busy! With what? You might ask. Well, being DEATHLY ill for one thing and I can't really think of any other things I did for the past few months but it feels like i did a lot... Anyway, It was Bryce's Birthday on the 5th and my family came down from Fresno to go to the Aquarium of the Pacifc with him. I wasn't allowed to go because I had mono and had to stay in bed. The staying in bed part was actually quite lovely but the missing the fun birthday festivities for my oldest guy, not so much. I was super sad to miss all the fun but the pictures are cute and they all had a blast. Plus I have another coupon so we can go again. Maybe for Charlie's birthday next month. Is that lame? oh well. Anyhow, I'm feeling much better now and hopefully we can avoid illness in the house for at least a week so we can get back to normal, whatever that is. Here's some pictures from the fun day:
The Brothers diggin' in to that yummy cake!
Normally, I make cute homemade cakes for all the birthdays but, you know (mono)
So Grandma took Bryce to the bakery to pick out this speed racer cake.

Kensie getting loves from Uncle Matt

Kensie's new friend

Grandpa having fun with the kids

Grandma and Charlie

My cute family

Daddy's Armful
It doesn't look like anyone is too happy about it...

touching sharks and sting rays and crap

Oh and just in case you were wondering, this is what your children will look like when you have mono and stay inside your bed all day while your husband is at work:

and yes that IS chocolate milk dripping down the walls...don't judge