Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Someone please tell me where this last year went because I can't figure out how we went from this...

To this so very quickly!

We spent the morning with family eating a donut breakfast, opening presents and sustaining black eyes. Then we ventured out to the mall to have lunch at Ruby's and Build a birthday bear.
At Ruby's they surprised us with an ice cream and they all sang to him. As you can see, he was very confused...

We watched his bear get stuffed.

They let the kids help.

Then each of the kids got to kiss the little hearts and put them in.

Sadly, on occasion, I have been known to turn on a movie for Hudson while I put the other children to bed. We quickly found out the only movie he will sit through is "UP". So naturally, he had to have an UP cake for his Birthday.

He LOVED it!

I can't believe how big this guy is getting! We love him to bits! Happy Birthday, Huddy!