Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slap my face and call me Country

If You know me at all, then you know that I absolutely abhor being outside. I don't like the way it makes me feel or smell. So last Saturday I took one for the team and we took the kids to a Gorgeous Farm up past Riverside. It took us a little over an hour to get there but it was totally worth it! It was beautiful. Bryce said as soon as he got out of the car with a huge smile on his face, " Mom, do you know how I know this is a real farm? Because it has real mud!" I guess we need to get out more! It's a place called Riley's Farm and they had a colonial settlement and a frontier settlement that you could explore. Pumpkins on the vine and all kinds of other fruits and veggies you could pick yourself. We even got to press our own fresh apple cider! It was so much fun and we'll definitely be making the drive back in December for Christmas at the Colonies!! I can't wait!

The kids were so funny looking for their pumpkins. They each took so much time deciding on theirs but in the end they each found their perfect pumpkins.

They got to go on a free hayride. Can you tell Bryce was excited?
These are the apples we were about to press. Oh and Kensie's dirty face!

This is the press that they used like a hundred years ago to do the same thing we did!

It was harder than it looked!
We found Steven and Cortney and they helped us press the cider.

Washing was definitely Ryker's favorite part of the process. Although, I'm fairly certain he had diarrhea from drinking all that nasty apple water!
And just for Aunt Becca are some obligitory Hudson pics!

This binky looks a lot bigger in the picture than it does in real life!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Keeping Score

It has been over a week since Hudson's birth. Let's see how Mom's doing, shall we?

My boobs have literally doubled in size.
**1 point: Mom

The newborn has a most difficult time latching on to the afore mentioned due to the fact that the milk flows so freely it eliminates the need to do anything but open his mouth and swallow.
**1 point: newborn

I decorated the house for Halloween with the cutest little hand made decorations for freeeee!
**1 point: Mom

You would be hard pressed to find the decorations under the mess that is slowly threatening to take over the house. Perhaps I should have spent a few hours cleaning yesterday instead of paper crafting?
**1 point: kids

I cooked a large hot homemade meal yesterday.
**1 point: Mom

I didn't do the dishes and the kitchen is trashed. I only had one clean cup this morning so they all shared the one cup...don't judge. It was a matter of survival.
**1 point: kids

I got everyone fed, bathed, combed and dressed (including socks!) ten minutes Before school starts! I even put on make-up and jeans!
**1 point: Mom

In the end, it took me a total of 45 minutes start to finish to get everyone into a carseat with buckles on, drive 2 blocks to the school,park a half mile away from the stinking school due to lack of parking, unpack the mammoth stroller, unbuckle the kids, find a huge glob of toothpaste in Charlie's hair, tame Kensie's "I don't want to put my shoes back on I want you to carry me!" tantrum, yell at Bryce who is already halfway to the school to slow down, walk him into the classroom 10 minutes late and have his teacher with a sickeningly sweet smile ask me to "please make every effort to try to be on time from now on?", fume back to the car, get the remaining children buckled into car seats, wrestle the stoller back into the trunk, and drive the 2 blocks home. Oh! And the jeans I put on? elastic waistband...enough said.
**1 point: kids (well played...)

Wow! It looks like it's a tie at 4 points for each side! Maybe it's not so bad after all! Way to go, Me!

...but wait! We have a last minute addition to the tally! I just typed this entire post one handed! ** 1 point: newborn.

It's official: Mom is losing...